Improving the Process and Technology of License Management

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A large government agency was struggling to effectively track the acquisition and renewal of software licensing. Due to employee turnover and the infrequency of licensing review, there was not a consistent record for licenses purchased across the various organizations. The de facto process, unfortunately, consisted of emails and shared spreadsheets spread out among various stakeholders, with no consistency in price verification, expiration dates, or a common approach to vendor management. This process resulted in wasted effort, frequent requests for license extensions, and, in the worst cases, schedule and cost impacts due to production software deactivation when licenses expired. Our team … Read More

Four Middleware 11g Servers — Here we go!

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We just started into installs for four middleware servers for a customer. These will each run DB, WebLogic, IdM, SOA/BPM, UCM, and WebCenter — all 11g. There’s nothing like getting fresh, fast, functionally-useless hardware and turning it into a powerful piece of problem-solving equipment. – Historic M&S Dogma

Oracle ECM vs UCM — What’s the difference?

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I’m starting to see Oracle ECM get mixed with Oracle UCM more these days when people talk about Oracle’s Content Management offering(s). Sometimes I wonder if this kind of confusion isn’t premeditated by marketing managers, but that’s another story. So, here’s the scoop (and though I say this confidently, I find myself compelled to disclaim that this is the scoop as I understand it, and as Oracle is using these terms as of the date of publication). For starters: ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management UCM stands for Universal Content Management “Oracle Content Management” offerings are also referred to as … Read More

JDeveloper and BPM 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) Released, But Hold Off Using JDeveloper (for now)

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Heidi Buelow, Product Manager at Oracle for BPM Suite posted a note on the Oracle Forums over the weekend asking a member to hold off on using JDeveloper 11g PS3 with BPM. I am generally pleased with the integration, and truly appreciate the vision of using one IDE (JDeveloper) for all things Oracle. That said, it seems Oracle is unique when compared to pure-play BPM vendors where the SOA/BPM teams are different than those over development tooling like JDeveloper, so they have to work extra hard at it. Feel free to follow the forum post. Integration with SOA 11g

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As a follow up to our highly successful White Paper on Integration with SOA 10g, we have released a new version using SOA 11g: Integration with SOA 11g This is included as part of a resource kit offered by Oracle Corp. After registering for the resource kit, you will see a link to the white paper as seen in the below screenshot: Enjoy!

JDeveloper 11g Tutorial – Install Steps (

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New versions of JDeveloper 11g have been released since the last step-by-step JDev install guide, so I thought I would post a quick refresher for anyone who wants that comfort of knowing they are seeing the screens they should expect to see as they march through the install. Enjoy; the product really is getting better and better everyday. Installing JDeveloper 11g ( on Windows