The Three Pillars of Change Management: People, Organizational, and Technology

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Change management is an essential discipline in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. It ensures that organizations can adapt effectively to new processes, technologies, and market demands. As a subject matter expert in change management, I would like to share my perspectives on the three fundamental types of change management: People, Organizational, and Technology.will describe these challenges and present current best practices for addressing them.

RISE with SAP: What’s in It for You?

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As SAP is transitioning to its cloud-based ERP solutions, you may be wondering – why? Or, more specifically, what’s in it for me? Surely, you have other priorities right now regarding your SAP implementation, such as maintaining your landscape, launching new functionality, and running your business. Perhaps you don’t have the appetite for another large-scale implementation, with memories of the “last time” still painfully fresh. Besides, who has the time or money to invest in such a project? These concerns are valid, so SAP has been trying to incorporate more incentives with its migration packages. RISE with SAP, originally launched … Read More

Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine (Part 3)

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Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine

Part 3 of 3 In A Series From M&S Consulting On Mining The Gold In Your Salesforce Org And Turning Data Into Revenue Part 1Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine Part 2Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine Salesforce KPIs That Reveal What’s Really Working for Your Sales Team! How many demos did you give last month? How many leads came to you? How efficient is your lead qualification process? How many leads did you turn into opportunities? How many opportunities did you turn into wins? Here’s how to know what’s … Read More

Building Stability: Lessons from Business Continuity Planning

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Charter Spectrum Reach, a premiere TV/Internet/Phone provider, needed assistance creating a Business Continuity Plan. They needed a way to measure potential impact disruptions and have a plan to ensure they could keep operating after a potential disaster or emergency. We started by creating a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) that we sent out to all the teams to review. The BIA evaluates the effect of any disruptions to business operations and client services. It considers the vulnerabilities and impacts of different scenarios. It also calculates the recovery time for restoring services. This is just part of the overall Business Continuity Plan. … Read More

When It Comes To Billing and Invoicing, M&S Consulting Helps Our Customers Keep It Simple

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warning The Problem: A longstanding client in the Media Ad Sales industry recently approached our team with a new challenge. The technology the company’s media division was utilizing to distribute TV advertising and commercials across their channels was being upgraded and a critical part of the technology was being discontinued in this upgrade and they needed a solution. This technology functions as a traffic system: it manages, records, and reports everything and anything about the TV commercial spots running every second of every hour of every day. Currently, this traffic system also has an Accounts Receivable billing and invoicing platform … Read More

M&S Consulting: Gain A Multi-Dimensional Tech Partner – Leading, Executing, and Elevating Your Digital Transformation Journey

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital business, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage but a necessity.  With decades of experience in identifying, scaling, mobilizing, and implementing digital transformation initiatives, the M&S Consulting team is driving success by combining process and technology. Regardless of where your business is at in its tech evolution, our expertise extends across seven main service line focus areas, ensuring that businesses in consumer, energy & industrial, finance & professional services, government & public sector, health & life sciences, and tech, media & telecommunications industries are not just ready for the future but … Read More

Unleashing Innovation: A Guide to Launching Your Project with M&S Consulting’s Process Impact Blueprinting Workshops

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At the heart of our project initiation strategy is Process Impact Blueprinting

Embarking on a new project is an exciting endeavor, but laying a solid foundation is crucial for success. At M&S Consulting, we’ve found the key to initiating projects lies in our innovative Process Impact Blueprinting Workshops. These workshops not only kickstart our projects but also play a pivotal role throughout the entire project lifecycle, offering invaluable insights for Project Management, Business Analysis, and System Architecture. The Power of Process Impact Blueprinting At the heart of our project initiation strategy is Process Impact Blueprinting – a transformative framework that marks the beginning of an organizational journey toward excellence. This framework serves … Read More