SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM)

Our SAP BRIM Practice excels in building high-performing teams to provide advisory, implementation, and support services. Whether on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid, our teams can help you get the most out of your SAP investment.

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Building high-performing teams

When building a team for you, we leverage the relationships we have built around the world with strong companies and individuals. You’re able to capitalize on our expertise, network, and employees to find or build the team your project needs to succeed.

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Solving BRIM challenges

No matter the complexity of your organization, our teams have the experience to ensure your BRIM investment reaches its full potential while meeting your requirements.

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Excellence in execution and care

Caring about our clients starts at the top. Our well-versed project managers execute, while our senior leaders provide oversight, working closely with you from beginning to end. In this way, we meet your requirements, even in areas with scarce resources.

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Broad organizational experience

Since 2002, we’ve been building successful teams for clients like you, throughout the enterprise technology stack. We understand how all the pieces can and do work together to help make your organization even better.

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Building high-performing teams

Having talented people isn't enough.

A strong team requires talented people with competent leadership, surrounded by strong values, and guided by effective processes. We have taken the time to build teams and a pipeline of these exceptionally talented people, but we have also invested heavily in building strong leaders and consistent, repeatable processes, to ensure solid delivery every time.

Solving the biggest challenges

Our team has deployed SAP BRIM with numerous subscription- and usage-based products and multiple traffic systems. With millions of billable items per month, the opportunities to reduce workload and revenue leakage are significant. Multiple tax regions and countless bundles, promotions, and subscription options added complexity, and the various stakeholders each have their own mandatory requirements. Despite these challenges, our teams have been able to succeed where others have not.

Excellence in execution and care

Having talented people is not enough.

A strong team requires talented people with competent leadership, surrounded by strong values, and guided by effective processes and open communication to deliver predictable results.

We care hard. And we do the work with you, not around you.

Broad experience

Our team has deployed SAP BRIM with numerous subscription- and usage-based products, multiple traffic systems, millions of billable items per month, and disparate tax regions, while balancing requirements from multiple stakeholders and very complicated billing rules.

Additional expertise

Your systems don't exist in isolation, they need to work together with the rest of your technology stack. Leverage our expertise in other areas to help your projects run as smooth as possible.

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Bureau of the Fiscal Service US Department of the Treasury
Brooks Instruments
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State of Massachusetts
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Justice
Department of the Navy
The Department of the Treasury
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
FAA Federal Aviation Administration

SAP BRIM Components


Subscription Order Management (SOM)

Supports the order process of a combination of physical goods, services, and subscriptions to enable you to transition from a product-based model to a service-based one.

You can quickly model new subscription offerings with the right mix of products, recurring and one-time services, usage charges, revenue sharing models, and third-party content. With SOM you manage your contracts flexibly over the whole contract lifecycle (such as adding, modifying, or removing elements of contracts effortlessly, and tracking service usage).

Subscription Order Management Overview

SAP Hybris Billing.pdf


Convergent Mediation (CM) by DigitalRoute


Collects, mediates, and transforms usage data from your various systems into a usable, consistent format.

A solution purpose-built to track and orchestrate data that will be used for billing and by other business systems.

Add business value by enabling and controlling new revenue streams: collect data from multiple streams and sources and provide unified control and visibility of revenue stream processes enterprise-wide.

  • Optimize data monetization and make a positive impact on your bottom line by converting usage and transactional data into revenue and supporting new and existing business models with CM.
  • Hybrid deployment
  • Unified real-time data processing for revenue-critical applications
  • Automated error detection, data deduplication, and filtering
  • Data enrichment by combining information of any type or source

SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute


Convergent Charging (CC)

Determines the type of charge, such as recurring, discount, or usage-based.

With SAP Convergent Charging, you bring competitive subscription and metered services to market with flexible pricing management.

To stay competitive, you need to properly define and apply the right prices to products and services, and be able to adapt quickly should market conditions change. Nowadays end customers want to subscribe to the perfect offer and manage their expenses in real-time. Furthermore, partners in your ecosystem need comprehensive revenue-sharing systems. Transparency, agility, and flexibility are key.

SAP Convergent Charging helps you quickly define and change subscription services and related partner revenue sharing models. It supports millions of subscribers and is able to meter, rate, and charge each customer event in real-time. By allowing non-IT personnel to quickly make pricing changes, service providers can create competitive pricing offers to seize market opportunities. And that translates into increased profitability, end-customer loyalty, and a strong competitive edge in a highly demanding marketplace.

SAP Convergent Charging


Convergent Invoicing (CI)

Consolidates data from multiple billing sources and functions into a single, simplified, customized invoice.

Enables automated billing and invoicing at large scales, using the output from usage aggregation and mediation through upstream modules. Instead of multiple invoices, CI delivers a single, consolidated view of receivables. The end result is much more transparent billing, which includes detailed usage information. Rapid adjustments and transparency are much simpler, and promotions and subscriptions are much more clear.

Convergent Invoicing


Finance - Contract Accounts (FICA)

Subledger manages A/P and A/R for contract accounts, taxation, and country-specific requirements.

Can be configured for specific industries or used in a general form. Improves billing process through mass processing of billable items. Administrators can create unique billing documents based on requirements.

Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA)