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Integration and Security is at the heart of almost everything we do. From traditional on-prem middleware and identity management to modern PaaS integration platforms and IDaaS, we’re here to help.


Modernizing your enterprise

Digital Enablement requires modernization, what worked yesterday for application servers, ESB, Identity Management, and other traditional middleware is becoming a burden today. Let’s plan and execute a modernization effort to today’s best PaaS, IaaS, and IDasS.

  • Documented Vision
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Staff/Skill Upgrades
  • Cloud, DevSecOps, Agile



Containerization is a critical piece of the DevSecOps puzzle. It allows for a workload to run anywhere, on any infrastructure, and benefits developers by making the coding and deployment process faster and more efficient; while boosting security by making it more standardized and ‘baked-in’. We embrace containerization as part of our commitment to DevSecOps and stand ready to help you as well.

Platform Integration PaaS / Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Today’s modern ESB, Service Orchestration and integration platforms require a broad set of expertise to architect, develop, maintain and operate effectively. What’s more new trends and platforms have caused an upwelling of modernization efforts. Whether it’s Mulesoft, Dell Boomi, Oracle’s Integration Cloud, SOA Suite, or any number of PaaS providers, M&S is ready to assist with any of your needs in this space.

API Management

APIs are evolving at an alarming rate these days. From classic monolithic applications to microservices, to service meshes encompassing thousands of individual APIs. We're available to assist you in the full lifecycle of your APIs, including development, testing, securing, and driving adoption.

M&S Integration using MuleSoft
M&S uses Kong for Integration
M&S uses Swagger
kubernetes containerization


Software Security Control Implementation

In order to comply with today's increasingly stringent security regulations, law directives, and best practices, organizations must apply multiple security controls in all software systems at various levels. Whether it’s deploying an entire SIEM system, a global HIDS system, DLP, or securing/encrypting data at rest or in transit, we're ready to improve your security posture.

Identity Management

Identity management is challenging in today's world, organizations must manage user identities across a wide range of applications and populations. We design and implement identity solutions that fit the needs of your organization through the use of modern products and services. Let’s increase the efficiency of your identity practices while also mitigating your security risks.

Access Management

Your organization faces threats from all angles in today's zero-trust world of interconnected applications. Identities originate from disparate sources and simple authentication methods are no longer sufficient. Our extensive experience implementing a variety of leading access management solutions help to secure your enterprise boundaries, endpoints, and applications with on-prem access gateways or cloud-based access portals and IDaaS providers.

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Selected Tech Expertise

Access management, authentication, authorization, fine-grained, identity workflows, user management, user lifecycle, role management, attestation, compliance, federation, multi-factor authentication, smart card, CASB, risk-based authentication, risk management, security controls, LDAP, directory services, IDaaS, Access Portal

API Management: API lifecycle management, microservices, service mesh 

Integration/ESB: SaaS and SOA Integration