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We deliver the highest quality work, and we do it with the best and brightest people. 


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Community Involvement 

We not only try to make our organization the best it can be, but we also give back to the community as well. M&S founded an after school program called TEKids, Technology Education for Kids, that teaches kids beyond what is available to them during a regular class day. Teaching them a STEAM curricula, they learn about rockets, html, wind power, asteroid mining, graphic design, Arduino/Raspberry Pi, and a lot more. We encourage our employees and interns involvement to help grow and teach the important skills that we use in consulting everyday.

Internships at M&S

Not Your Average Internship

Your college education is a good foundation to begin your real learning. We allow you to get your hands dirty from day one. You’ll enjoy an environment where you’re challenged to find solutions and encouraged to ask questions. Surrounding yourself with friendly and helpful professionals that are experts in their field will grow you and motivate you. We want to pour our knowledge and understanding into you but we expect that you’ll pour your passion and excitement back into our organization and the projects that you’re working on as well. You’re treated as a valued asset, because you are.

The experience I’ve gained at M&S is far and above more valuable than my experiences at other organizations. I’m given tasks that are important, and am continually learning in ways that benefit me now and down the road. That combined with a positive, hard working culture of the best consultants in the field results in one of the most fertile grounds for young professionals. If you want to do great work and be rewarded for it, come to M&S.

Career Fairs

M&S attends select career fairs. Please read below and drop us a note if you either

  1. plan to meet us or
  2. have met us and would like to reach out.
I Plan to Meet You

We are excited to meet you! We have a great time at career fairs. Though many of our hires are experienced, we have had great success in hiring people out of college (undergraduate and graduate programs). You bring a new dynamic to our organization with your own unique experiences, and we can help you surpass your expectations.

Here are a few tips we would like to share with you. Some of them might seem obvious, but you might be surprised how often we see some of these tips not followed:

  1. We don’t hire majors, we hire people. We don’t have a good answer when you ask what majors we hire because technology passion these days can come from any individual.
  2. We care much more about what you do outside of coursework than we do about your GPA. Focus on showing us you’re passionate about solving real-world problems with technology by sharing examples of your work.
  3. Share with us a link to your personal website (you really should have one, ideally showing something you have created or writing about a topic you are interested in), or at least your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Dress appropriately. No, we don’t need to see you in suits, but it isn’t a good strategy to try to get our attention by being too far away from normal professional interview attire.
  5. Have a plan when you approach us. You want this job, so practice with some other company that you might not be that interested in. Put yourself in our shoes and think about the flow of the conversation. See #1 – asking us what majors we are hiring is a turn-off from the start, for a lot of reasons.
  6. Speak up. We can’t hear you. There is a lot going on at these events and we want to hear what you have to say.
  7. Mention you read these tips when you see us. It will go a long way.

For more tips, check out our Career Fairs – The Other Side of the Table post on our blog.