Project Management as a Service

Expected deliverables, at the right time, within the right budget

Project Portfolio Management

At the core of PMaaS, our Project Managers will lead the charge to realize the maximum ROI by centralizing and standardizing project management within your organization

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Change Agents are core to M&S and we can lead the transformation process to increase the effectiveness and adoption of change within your organization

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Continuous Improvement

There is always a better way! M&S Consulting will lead and consult the continuous improvement process to realize long-lasting, positive impacts on your organization

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Business Analysis

Well defined requirements are key to delivering successful results and M&S Consulting’s data-driven resources are experts in introducing and managing change within organizations

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Project Rescue & Recovery

Help is on the way to quickly turn your underperforming project from ‘RED’ to ‘GREEN’

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Vendor Analysis & Selection

Let us help you manage the ‘speed dating’ process to select the right vendor by leveraging our multi-criteria decision-making approach

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Project Health Assessment

Is your project on the path to success? Take the Project Health Assessment to determine if your projects are on track for a successful implementation

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M&A Integration

Mergers and acquisitions require strategy and experience to efficiently consolidate and implement best practices so you can quickly realize your ROI

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What is M&S Consulting PMaaS?

PMaaS stands for Project Management as a Service. It is a service where our clients can utilize project management services on demand. We offer skilled and talented professionals that can jump in and hit the ground running. Our PMaaS offers the Project Management Office, carrying out assessments, providing guidance and governance, and the people and tools to improve project delivery and success. If you are in need of all aspects of a project management office or only a few services, M&S Consulting can deliver the experience and expertise you need to execute a successful project.


Having the right people with the right skills for priority projects is among the top three delivery challenges, according to PMI research. And one out of every six respondents in a 2020 survey conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) say lack of talent with the right skillsets was the single most important factor responsible for project failure at their organization.

Why Use M&S Consulting PMaaS?

Planning, Resourcing, Managing, Motivating, Delivering, and Reporting

Strategic project management is imperative to any business, especially when everyone wants to get work done faster and cheaper. Project management serves a clear need, as companies encounter challenges when they have more projects than time to complete them. Many companies have project managers but in most cases, their methodology isn’t based around outcomes, but instead activities. Instead of managing a project to an end result, M&S Consulting PMaaS manages to the objective. It adds a layer that improves the effectiveness through enhanced accountability, greater communication and processes, and deep expertise. It also adds an independent voice and perspective.

According to PMI, organizations that undervalue project management report an average of 50% more of their projects failing outright.

Why Use M&S for Project Management?

Industry Experts

Business adaptability and experience to deliver on your objectives, but also the technical expertise to elevate the level of services we provide.

Time-tested Principles

Provides a tailored methodology for project management based on our best practices, having completed over 1,000 projects with clients of differing sizes.

Established Structure

Organizes goals into a detailed format that gives a clear direction for the project.

Ongoing Framework

Allows you to identify, prioritize, and launch projects of various sizes over time.

Predictable Outcomes

Enable your team to engage on projects whether they’re self-led, internal team-led, or vendor-led services, and be successful.

When should you invest in PMaaS?

You don't want to hire an FTE to manage a project. Rather, you prefer to hire a Project Manager as a capital expense for the duration of your project.

Your organization doesn’t have project management muscle.

Your team is stretched thin with more work than people to complete the project.

You need to develop a clear strategy. Give your team the direction it needs.

What’s Included?


PMaaS delivers project leadership, which requires skills in both management and leadership. It is a soft skill; part art, part science.


PMaaS offers reach-back resources to bring whatever experience and knowledge are needed for every project.


Many organizations are challenged by downsizing or talent gaps. PMaaS brings in the resources needed to supplement your staff or completely handle the process while you carry on with business as usual.


PMaaS is an honesty broker. It can reveal truths that are hidden or ignored by an organization. Having a fresh pair of eyes look at your operation can shine a light on missed opportunities for improvement that can make all the difference.

Flexibility and Scalability

On-demand services flex to changing needs and multiple or competing priorities and stakeholders.

Reduced Risk

The expertise component of PMaaS includes a lookout for signs of a problem and known dangers, reducing risk and delays.

Reduced Costs

With Project Management as a Service, you only pay for what you need. You can keep projects moving forward without the cost of an FTE.

Vendor Management

The experience managing multiple external partners and vendors to ensure they are delivering on their commitments to bring the most value to your project and organization.


Project Portfolio Management

It is critical to have centralized management of processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers to collectively manage in-flight and proposed projects based on predefined characteristics that align with the organization's goals and objectives. M&S Consulting PMaaS offers agile tools and expertise to provide organizations and managers the ability to see the big picture and potential return of a project. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution to ensure project prioritization and execution is successful.

Change Management

Business transformation is more than a new tool. To truly realize the benefits, you need to effect organizational change, from people to process. M&S Consulting PMaaS offers proven strategies for journey mapping, communications, and training – and top talent to execute them.

Continuous Improvement

Business processes can become outdated and inefficient if they are not continually assessed for improvement. As organizations change, so should the processes that support them. M&S Consulting PMaaS has a depth of experience and methodologies to identify current state processes, pain points, and waste in order to improve productivity and streamline efficiency.

Business Analysis

In order to deliver technology investments, it is critical that requirements are clearly identified and defined in order to understand, support, and deliver. M&S Consulting PMaaS offers business analysis expertise that will address requirements engineering, process and data management, ensure clear and accurate requirements are well communicated to supporting resources, and be the agent of change for your organization. Our Business Analysts will help to bridge the gap between IT and the Business by understanding your business needs and articulating those functional needs to the technical teams to deliver on and assist in technology adoption throughout the organization.

Project Rescue & Recovery

It is not uncommon for projects to be ‘in the red’ in one or more aspects of the project - scope, timeline, budget, resources, and functionality. By the time the pain is felt from the ‘red status’, the project is on a collision course towards failure. It requires a level of expertise only M&S Consulting PMaaS can bring to recognize the issues, rescue the project from imminent failure, quickly pivot towards recovery, sustain the recovery, and ensure the project can progress on track towards successful completion.

Vendor Analysis & Selection

It is critical to select the right vendor to deliver the right technology solution based on your organization’s needs. M&S Consulting PMaaS will effectively manage the vendor analysis and selection process by using a multi-criteria and unbiased decision-making approach to determine which technology solution will meet the client’s requirements. With this approach, we partner with you to ensure you are getting the right solution that will help you run and grow your business.

Project Health Assessment

Conducting a health check on all or a sample of projects will allow an organization to identify common issues and non-compliance to be captured and resolved in a cost-effective manner and applied to future projects. M&S Consulting PMaaS will assess multiple risk factors to determine what aspects of a project are in trouble and recommendations to turn it around.

M&A Integration

Mergers and acquisitions is an important business strategy that costs a lot of time and money. This investment is also true for the integration of the companies involved. M&S Consulting PMaaS offers proven strategies and expertise in integrating processes, technology platforms, and infrastructures in order to begin realizing the financial and operational benefits of the M&A activities.

New Technology Implementation

We all want the latest and greatest technology, but oftentimes we do not have the in-house expertise to implement the new technology. M&S Consulting PMaaS has the resources needed to implement any technology into your organization.