SAP BRIM Implementation Delivers Increased Flexibility and Profitability

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In a previous article, we described our client that was attempting to implement SAP; today we will start to describe some of the problems we were able to solve for them. They are a large client that sells a variety of consumption-based media advertising products which can be delivered multiple times, under a variety of circumstances, and through different advertising delivery systems. The business is further complicated by a complex hierarchy of business partners. As a result, a single invoice could include over a million billable items. 

Previously, the client used their delivery system for billing and invoicing. However, this presented several drawbacks for the client’s business users and customers, causing frustration. It was unable to combine different products into a single invoice, unable to produce invoices that aligned with all billing cycles, and introduced errors. Unfortunately, accommodating these requirements, even within SAP, is not straightforward which caused several previous system integrators to fail in their attempts to implement the solution.

The M&S team, composed of many experts with deep knowledge in the specific SAP components, designed and implemented a unique configuration of SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM). The M&S implementation, which successfully meets the client’s requirements, delivers multiple benefits, including the ability to create a single invoice containing multiple products and in line with the appropriate billing cycle. Additionally, the SAP BRIM solution gives our client much greater flexibility in how they charge their customers.

In our next article, we’ll begin to discuss some of the specific challenges we encountered in this complicated system design.

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