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M&S Consulting provides Industrial IoT strategy, objective IoT platform selection, and IoT implementation and integration services. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how an IoT platform can deliver value to your business.

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USA Cycling Benefits from Working with M&S and IBM

M&S Consulting is proud to be partnering with USA Cycling and IBM JStart to help the Women’s Team Pursuit cycling team prepare for major international competitions. We are integrating the MYLAPS timing system used at multiple velodromes and sending timing data in MQTT format to the Watson IoT Platform running on Bluemix. For the first time, coaches and athletes can see their splits at multiple locations around the track in real time, and the timing data can be correlated with other metrics such as power output and heartrate for each athlete. Go TeamUSA!

Industrial IoT Platform Comparison

M&S Consulting has reviewed over a dozen leading Industrial IoT platforms and evaluated these solutions across multiple criteria. IoT platforms are the ultimate combination of rapid data collection, big data, and cloud technologies. Security, analytics capabilities, data provenance, and ease of deployment and integration are top requirements for IIoT platform implementations. Click the button below to see the current comparison, and be sure to check back – we add more platforms and update the information frequently.

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Industrial Internet of Things Platform Comparison

TEKids Energy Makers: AirBoticists

With advances in devices, sensors, big data, and cloud technologies, the world is experiencing an Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon that is rapidly transforming our day-to-day lives. Our curriculum helped students gain a basic understanding of the multifaceted world of IoT technologies, powered by readily available open source hardware, software, and cloud technologies. Over 650 students from 3rd–6th grade built a Raspberry Pi-based autonomous robot that reacts to environmental conditions in the past 6 months. They programmed the robot to take sensor measurements and upload their results to the cloud to view and analyze with a web browser.

M&S and TEKids were selected to present this Workshop at the JavaOne4Kids conference that occurs the weekend before Oracle Open World. Watch the video below for a recap from the exciting weekend.