Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine (Part 2)

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Part 2 of 3 In A Series From M&S Consulting On Mining The Gold In Your Salesforce Org And Turning Data Into Revenue Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine (Part 1) Salesforce KPIs That Reveal the ROI Hiding in Your Data! How much revenue do your contracts generate? How long does it take your team to close a deal? What activities did your sales team take to move deals to closed? How effective are your outbound sales calls? Here’s how to mine your Salesforce data to find and eliminate sales bottlenecks. request_quote Average Contract Value … Read More

Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine (Part 1)

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Part 1 of 3 In A Series From M&S Consulting On Mining The Gold In Your Salesforce Org And Turning Data Into Revenue Elevate Your Enterprise: Turn Your Salesforce Org Into a Growth Engine (Part 2) Building the Case for Salesforce Your stakeholders may struggle to see your Salesforce org’s value. They say the cost is too high, it’s too hard to use, or it doesn’t work.  They don’t see the ROI. Show them Salesforce’s business impact. Prove its value by showing how it can transform your business and drive growth. M&S will transform the way you do business.  No … Read More

Building Stability: Lessons from Business Continuity Planning

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Charter Spectrum Reach, a premiere TV/Internet/Phone provider, needed assistance creating a Business Continuity Plan. They needed a way to measure potential impact disruptions and have a plan to ensure they could keep operating after a potential disaster or emergency. We started by creating a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) that we sent out to all the teams to review. The BIA evaluates the effect of any disruptions to business operations and client services. It considers the vulnerabilities and impacts of different scenarios. It also calculates the recovery time for restoring services. This is just part of the overall Business Continuity Plan. … Read More

Women in Tech: M&S Leadership Stories

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In this insightful collection, we’ve compiled stories from inspiring women across various STEM fields, each offering their unique perspectives and experiences. From overcoming obstacles to celebrating successes, these narratives shed light on the multifaceted world of STEM careers. Table of contents: What interested you in the STEM field? How have you seen women in STEM evolve throughout your career? What advice do you give to other women/girls who are interested in STEM? Share a story about a turning point in your career that led you to where you are in STEM What challenges have you faced, and how did you … Read More

When It Comes To Billing and Invoicing, M&S Consulting Helps Our Customers Keep It Simple

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warning The Problem: A longstanding client in the Media Ad Sales industry recently approached our team with a new challenge. The technology the company’s media division was utilizing to distribute TV advertising and commercials across their channels was being upgraded and a critical part of the technology was being discontinued in this upgrade and they needed a solution. This technology functions as a traffic system: it manages, records, and reports everything and anything about the TV commercial spots running every second of every hour of every day. Currently, this traffic system also has an Accounts Receivable billing and invoicing platform … Read More

A Thank You to Our Mentors: Stories that Shaped M&S Women in Technology

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A thank you to those who have impacted and encouraged a few of our M&S Consulting female leaders: I have two men, and one woman to thank. Growth in being a woman in STEM does not always come from just female leaders, but also from male leaders who believe in you regardless of gender.   1.) Thank you to Steve Humphreys, President of Kraft General Foods: Steve was my ultimate mentor to push me to handle things well beyond what I thought were my capabilities. He saw in me what I didn’t see in myself, and he placed me in very … Read More

Transforming Tomorrow: M&S Consulting’s Comprehensive Expertise Across Six Practice Areas

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where innovation is the heartbeat of success, M&S Consulting stands out as a trailblazer in comprehensive and transformative solutions.  We believe in fostering relationships designed not only in support of the current project, but also for partnerships built to seamlessly carry businesses from one milestone of a digital transformation initiative to the next.  At M&S Consulting, we see ourselves as consultants but, more importantly, as engaged partners. We’re a dedicated team of problem solvers ready to address complex, multi-dimensional tech challenges. No need to search for multiple consulting resources to address siloed problems across … Read More