Building Stability: Lessons from Business Continuity Planning

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Charter Spectrum Reach, a premiere TV/Internet/Phone provider, needed assistance creating a Business Continuity Plan. They needed a way to measure potential impact disruptions and have a plan to ensure they could keep operating after a potential disaster or emergency.

We started by creating a BIA (Business Impact Analysis) that we sent out to all the teams to review. The BIA evaluates the effect of any disruptions to business operations and client services. It considers the vulnerabilities and impacts of different scenarios. It also calculates the recovery time for restoring services. This is just part of the overall Business Continuity Plan.

The BIA captures the vulnerabilities and impacts of different potential emergencies, such as facility power outages, supplier disruptions, weather-related evacuations, etc. We worked with the different business areas to document the threat level for each department. Together we worked out the steps that would be taken if such disruptions occurred so that business could resume as quickly as possible.

Once we gathered that data we were able to create a Business Continuity Plan for their organization to reference when any emergency happened. This outlined how Spectrum Reach could continue operating after an emergency, accident, or disaster. The plan also included an annual review process to update the document with any significant organizational changes.

The M&S Consulting team can assist you in creating the best Business Continuity Plan that will meet your company’s needs and guarantee that your clients are always taken care of should an emergency arise.

Contact us for more information on how our team can lead and support you through digital transformation. We look forward to working with you.

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