Improving the Process and Technology of License Management

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A large government agency was struggling to effectively track the acquisition and renewal of software licensing. Due to employee turnover and the infrequency of licensing review, there was not a consistent record for licenses purchased across the various organizations. The de facto process, unfortunately, consisted of emails and shared spreadsheets spread out among various stakeholders, with no consistency in price verification, expiration dates, or a common approach to vendor management.

This process resulted in wasted effort, frequent requests for license extensions, and, in the worst cases, schedule and cost impacts due to production software deactivation when licenses expired.

Our team used an approach that addressed improving both their process and technology. We took the time to ensure that all stakeholders had an agreed-upon way of license management, which proved to be the more challenging part. The technology, however, was less complicated: utilizing a collaborative cloud workspace with a tracking spreadsheet and storage, making all the information quickly accessible to stakeholders.

After migrating their data into the shared space and training the stakeholders, the extra time, efforts, and challenges of license management have been greatly improved.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help streamline your license management using cloud collaboration, let’s set up a time to talk.

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