Integration with SOA 11g

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As a follow up to our highly successful White Paper on Integration with SOA 10g, we have released a new version using SOA 11g: Integration with SOA 11g

This is included as part of a resource kit offered by Oracle Corp. After registering for the resource kit, you will see a link to the white paper as seen in the below screenshot:



5 Comments on “ Integration with SOA 11g”

  1. Tutorial is not working. The screen shots are wrong for creating a Mediator, but even if you figure out a way past that problem, and it won’t deploy.

    1. I am unable to deploy the outbound message service into SOA suite. I am getting the following error

      [APP: soa-infra] Unable to register service.[[
      oracle.webservices.provider.ProviderException: oracle.webservices.provider.ProviderException: No service {}OutboundSalesforceEventFollowUp_ep defined in the WSDL

      Any Help is appreciated. Thanks

      1. Sri, to deploy, you can remove Bindings and Services from SF WSDL. I did not tested even finished the white paper yet. Moving on … Stay in touch.

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