SOA with M&S: Demystify, Discipline, and Deliver

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SOA Labels

Among their many characteristics, all too often SOA projects have been labeled in their worst moments as:

  • Overly complex in architecture, design, and communication to the organization
  • Lacking the ability to control costs during implementation and maintenance
  • Difficult to attract and retain talent with valuable experience, deep skills, and real success

It’s Not SOA’s Fault

Guess what. None of these are characteristics of SOA, but instead the way that organizations and implementers have been implementing. If you recall 8 years ago, the same arguments were made against CRM solutions, with documented failure rates over 50%. Today, CRM systems are commonplace in just about every enterprise, midsize, and even small business with solutions from providers like, Microsoft, and Oracle/Siebel implemented with mature methodologies.

No More Excuses

SOA is no longer as young as people have always attempted to make it out. Further, the claim that it is “a few years away” has been going on for a few too many years. SOA is valuable to an elastic organization and implementers need to come around to the idea that it is their responsibility to make these solutions work for clients, consistently.

Achieve Success with M&S – Demystify, Discipline, and Deliver

Like we have accomplished with CRM, M&S has a no excuses, can-do-and-will-do attitude to SOA implementations, as proven over the past few years. If this sounds like something you have dealt with, or are dealing with on your SOA project, contact us!

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