Day 1 as a New Intern

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Its nearly impossible to know what to expect from day one on a new job, especially when its your first professional job. There is the cliche of getting coffee and making copies as the new intern, which I’m sure is something that actually happens to a few individuals out there. I was confident that that wouldn’t be my reality. Thankfully it was far from it. My first day started off pretty typical, getting to the office around 9, standing around awkwardly, very briefly mind you, until I was shown the way to my desk. I was handed a laptop and … Read More

Oracle OpenWorld OOW 2010 – Middleware

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As has become tradition, I will be attending Oracle OpenWorld again this year joined by a few other M&S team members focused on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Let us know if you will be around and want to meet up. The most solid agenda items I have are the authors’ seminar for a new WebCenter 11g book we are releasing (more on that to come), a few of the SOA, BPM, Governance, and Enterprise 2.0 events with Product Management teams, and, of course, the concert.

Virtualization – M&S Consulting

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At M&S, we are going virtual all the way. We have delivered a number of virtualized environments for customers. Some have been for Oracle Middleware solutions, some for complete Microsoft domains. Some for open source system. And many for development instances. We have tinkered with going totally virtual for own infrastructure over the years, but decided to avoid biting the bullet for a number of reasons: migration time/effort has typically been at the top of the list. But with the improvements in virtualization technology, advantages proven now over years, apparent “stickiness” of the leading players, our own maturity in this … Read More Integration – Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA and BPEL

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Oracle Corporation has recently published a white paper written by M&S Consulting, where we take the opportunity to outline an integration approach to using Oracle BPEL.

A Technical Case Study – Creating an Oracle BPEL adapter to integrate with – Feb 2009

Below is the introduction to the article, which goes on to detail (with step-by-step screenshots) how to achieve integration with…

SOA with M&S: Demystify, Discipline, and Deliver

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SOA Labels

Among their many characteristics, all too often SOA projects have been labeled in their worst moments as:

  • Overly complex in architecture, design, and communication to the organization
  • Lacking the ability to control costs during implementation and maintenance
  • Difficult to attract and retain talent with valuable experience, deep skills, and real success

It’s Not SOA’s Fault

Guess what. None of these are characteristics of SOA, but instead…

Who is M&S?

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We are asked this question quite a lot. Find out some unique insights on M&S Consulting in this article.

The M&S business model is created from the group up to deliver repeated success, consistently: a great benefit to our organization and yours.