Spring ’14 Salesforce Delayed

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Salesforce.com version Spring ’14 has been delayed for instance version NA7 in some cases. There have been multiple issues with the version, related to performance and functionality. You can expect to see the future release date announced no later than Thursday, January 16, 2014, at the following link: http://www.trust.salesforce.com/trust/maintenance/   The email from Salesforce: At salesforce.com, ensuring customer success through trusted system availability, performance, and reliability is our top priority. We’ve made the decision to postpone the rollout of Spring ’14 to your NA7 instance with these priorities in mind. We have identified open items related to the performance and functionality of the Spring … Read More

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

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Happy Ada Lovelace Day

Before Tesla and Turing and Edison and Einstein, there was Ada Lovelace. Those first four names are nearly all household names, especially in the world of science and technology. But Ada Lovelace is not a name one hears as often. She is often referred to as the first person to write a computer program. There is a movement based on Ada’s namesake to spread awareness of women who inspire from the world of Science Technology Engineering and Math, or more frequently referred to as STEM. To introduce Lovelace, she was born on December 10th, 1815 and is the daughter of … Read More

IE6 is [almost] dead – Usage is 2.4% in USA, 34.6% in China

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It’s not just web 2.0 developers making the push away from IE6 anymore. Microsoft is publishing the stats, and even they want people off of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Join the cause by pasting your own “STOP using this out-of-date browser” banner (provided by Microsoft): <!– [if lt IE 7]>           <div style=’ clear: both; height: 59px; padding:0 0 0 15px; position: relative;’> <a href="http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/products/ie/home?ocid=ie6_countdown_bannercode" alt=""><img src="http://www.theie6countdown.com/images/banners/warning_bar_0000_us.jpg" border="0" height="42" width="820" alt="You are using an outdated browser. For a faster, safer browsing experience, upgrade for free today." /></a></div>             <![endif]–><!– [if lt … Read More

Virtual Machines for Development – VMWare Player, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox

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I had been using VMWare Server 2 for a few years now. It was free and provided extra features that were not present in VMWare Player. Unfortunately I found out that VMWare Server is no longer going to be supported as of June 2011. I needed to make a decision quickly so I could stand up a Linux CentOS VM to run a memory intensive software stack. For me VMWare Server probably would not have worked anyway because of memory and processor restrictions. I decided to look to 3 different solutions to get me up and running quickly, VMWare Player, … Read More

IBM Attacks Oracle Middleware

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IBM has published a page on their commercial website that questions why a customer would pay more for less, taking direct aim at Oracle and specifically Oracle Middleware offerings surrounding SOA and WebLogic. Like other competitive material published by software vendors, highlighted areas will tend to focus on one-sided statistics. Consumers today expect valid information that is easily accessible/verifiable, so — not surprisingly — this page has a references section at the bottom as well. The thing that does surprise me with these claims is the important information that is left out. When we pick solutions for a customer, we … Read More

Oracle Identity Management IdM/OID 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) Download for Windows, Linux, etc.

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Unlike WebCenter, SOA/BPM, WebLogic Server, and other products in the recent Middleware 11g PS3 release from Oracle, Identity Management 11g PS3 ( is not yet available as a full download on oracle.com yet. What you need to do until they get the uploads posted is download from the Identity Management 11g download page and then download from My Oracle Support (aka Metalink) by finding patch set 11060980. I know it took me a little to find this, so hopefully this helps someone until the release is available on the public-facing website.

Middleware 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) = Oracle Middleware 12g? …and Where’s WebCenter?

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Oracle has made some major improvements in 11g PS3 for multiple products in the Middleware offering. If they don’t consider this a major release (aka 12g), I can’t want to see what will actually be part of 12g. Exciting stuff.

[box type=”info”]We have been working with pre-release versions of WebCenter 11g PS3 for a while, so a bit disappointed that didn’t make it into the release date, but we’re hoping that will be soon to follow.[/box]

New versions of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 ( include…