Four Middleware 11g Servers — Here we go!

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We just started into installs for four middleware servers for a customer. These will each run DB, WebLogic, IdM, SOA/BPM, UCM, and WebCenter — all 11g. There’s nothing like getting fresh, fast, functionally-useless hardware and turning it into a powerful piece of problem-solving equipment. – Historic M&S Dogma

WebCenter 11g Book – Hello World Examples, Screenshots, and Tutorials

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Our WebCenter 11g book has been out a few weeks and I have heard some good reviews from people who have picked it up. This version 1 book will quickly get you started with WebCenter 11g, providing you step-by-step screenshots on creating your environment followed by a Hello World web service that is exposed to the web as a WebCenter portlet among other common business scenarios you may need to accomplish. Integration with SOA 11g

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As a follow up to our highly successful White Paper on Integration with SOA 10g, we have released a new version using SOA 11g: Integration with SOA 11g This is included as part of a resource kit offered by Oracle Corp. After registering for the resource kit, you will see a link to the white paper as seen in the below screenshot: Enjoy!

BPMN 2.0 vs BPEL (Oracle BPM VS SOA Suite)

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This post covers Oracle Open World Insights, followed by a BPEL/BPMN comparison, and design discussion. This is an interesting topic to me, since very little has been published and the product direction was clearly shown at OOW. I have also seen the difficulties of BPMN round tripping, which leads me to believe BPMN 2.0 is going to be great for functional process models, but will enforce a rigid process architecture on the technical model, leaving developers with a process architecture that is difficult to work with.

JDeveloper 11g Tutorial – Install Steps (

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New versions of JDeveloper 11g have been released since the last step-by-step JDev install guide, so I thought I would post a quick refresher for anyone who wants that comfort of knowing they are seeing the screens they should expect to see as they march through the install. Enjoy; the product really is getting better and better everyday. Installing JDeveloper 11g ( on Windows

BPM 11g Integrated with WebCenter Spaces (Process Spaces)

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Our Fusion Middleware expertise allows us to bring it all together. Do you want to follow business processes and ensure transparency to your organization? M&S Consulting has implemented a next generation process portal built on Oracle BPM/SOA, Identity Management, WebCenter, and innovating solutions built by M&S from the ground up. Underlying technologies include WebLogic and ADF.

BPEL Not Good For Rapid Changes

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I am excited about BPEL’s proliferation. But for some organizations (specifically, IT shops), BPEL is being used in areas it is simple not well-suited. For example, some places where IT has gotten ahead of the business, it is used as a process modeling tool. True, BPEL “represents” a process, it is my opinion that proper business modeling tools be used prior to orchestration being defined in BPEL. Another scenario I continue to find is that people are using BPEL for just about every piece of logic that goes into a business process being executed. The fact is, BPEL does very … Read More