The day I “spun up” my OIM 11g VM in my private cloud

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I had OIM installed in a sandbox VM a few months ago and decided to spin it back up in our private cloud environment. The novelty of being able to so very simply allocate, deallocate, and reallocate resources when needed to various environments still hasn’t worn off for me. I’m sure one day in the somewhat near future, this luxury will be commonplace even for lesser-sophisticated IT shops…and we will be telling stories to new team members of “the [not as good] old days” when we had to actually purchase physical hardware for each new project, how sizing hardware was … Read More

Kerberos Module for Apache – mod_auth_kerb Download (mod auth kerb)

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In case you are having trouble finding the Kerberos Module for Apache like some of our customers have, we have decided to host it on our website as well. With more organizations interested in securing their applications with native Windows authentication, this is becoming more and more popular. We have been devising integrated Windows authentication identity management solutions with Apache for years, so we’re quite comfortable with the best ways to implement with this. Many large software vendors actually leverage this same approach in their enterprise identity management solutions. Feel free to download “mod_auth_kerb” using the below form. Following are … Read More

Four Middleware 11g Servers — Here we go!

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We just started into installs for four middleware servers for a customer. These will each run DB, WebLogic, IdM, SOA/BPM, UCM, and WebCenter — all 11g. There’s nothing like getting fresh, fast, functionally-useless hardware and turning it into a powerful piece of problem-solving equipment. – Historic M&S Dogma

Oracle Identity Management IdM/OID 11g Patch Set 3 (PS3) Download for Windows, Linux, etc.

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Unlike WebCenter, SOA/BPM, WebLogic Server, and other products in the recent Middleware 11g PS3 release from Oracle, Identity Management 11g PS3 ( is not yet available as a full download on yet. What you need to do until they get the uploads posted is download from the Identity Management 11g download page and then download from My Oracle Support (aka Metalink) by finding patch set 11060980. I know it took me a little to find this, so hopefully this helps someone until the release is available on the public-facing website.

ktpass Version – Which version do I have?

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If you have run into issues with ktpass, there is a chance you are not running the latest version. So, how do you check which ktpass.exe you are running? Find where ktpass is running while on your Windows 2003 Domain Controller by typing where ktpass in your command prompt. If it is not found, it might not be installed or it might not be in your PATH. If you installed it normally, there is a good chance it is located in C:\Program Files\Support Tools. Once you have tracked down where it lives, navigate to the folder and Right-click > Properties … Read More

BPM 11g Integrated with WebCenter Spaces (Process Spaces)

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Our Fusion Middleware expertise allows us to bring it all together. Do you want to follow business processes and ensure transparency to your organization? M&S Consulting has implemented a next generation process portal built on Oracle BPM/SOA, Identity Management, WebCenter, and innovating solutions built by M&S from the ground up. Underlying technologies include WebLogic and ADF.

WebLogic and WebCenter SSO with IIS – Windows Native Authentication (WNA), SPNEGO using Active Directory (AD)

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Setting up Windows Native Authentication (with Kerberos) Single Sign-On (SSO) within WebLogic can be tricky. One way to accomplish this is to use IIS to front-end the WebLogic cluster. You need to use an IISIdentityAsserter in this scenario. Using an Identity Asserter based on HTTP headers has security implications and it’s important to ensure the communications are locked down between the IIS front-end to the WebLogic cluster. I don’t have much time to type more about this, but was excited about some recent work and wanted to get a quick post up in reference to this.