ktpass Version – Which version do I have?

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If you have run into issues with ktpass, there is a chance you are not running the latest version. So, how do you check which ktpass.exe you are running?

  1. Find where ktpass is running while on your Windows 2003 Domain Controller by typing where ktpass in your command prompt. If it is not found, it might not be installed or it might not be in your PATH. If you installed it normally, there is a good chance it is located in C:\Program Files\Support Tools.
    kt pass code version 0
  2. Once you have tracked down where it lives, navigate to the folder and Right-click > Properties on the ktpass executable (ktpass.exe) as show below.
    kt pass code version 1
  3. Then click the “Version” tab and locate the version you are running as show below.
    kt pass code version 2
[box type=”info”] If you are not running Version 5.2.3790.3959 (which is the latest at the time of this writing), then you might run into issues. A common one is the following crypto error:

crypto: enum value ‘rc4-hmac-nt’ is not known

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