Kerberos Module for Apache – mod_auth_kerb Download (mod auth kerb)

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Kerberos Module for Apache

In case you are having trouble finding the Kerberos Module for Apache like some of our customers have, we have decided to host it on our website as well. With more organizations interested in securing their applications with native Windows authentication, this is becoming more and more popular.

We have been devising integrated Windows authentication identity management solutions with Apache for years, so we’re quite comfortable with the best ways to implement with this. Many large software vendors actually leverage this same approach in their enterprise identity management solutions. Feel free to download “mod_auth_kerb” using the below form.

Following are prerequisites in case the main Kerberos Module for Apache site is not accessible, which we have noticed from time to time:


  • Development environment (i.e. libraries and header files) for Kerberos5 and/or Kerberos4.
  • Apache server installed – Both 1.x and 2.x series of Apache are supported (make sure the apache installation contains the apxs command)


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