Oracle IdM – SAML SSO with Google Apps

We recently integrated Oracle IdM with the SAML SSO Service from Google Apps. Now customers can continue to authenticate against OID even while accessing Google Apps assets!

Supplier Portal – Oracle EBS and Middleware

The Challenge

ABC, a publicly traded services and manufacturing organization, has leveraged Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to manage a variety of back-office functions, including their suppliers. Suppliers have been provided data from EBS manually by internal teams — the data sent has varied in both content and as well as format.

Internal teams spend valuable time generating reports manually for external supplier organizations and suppliers are left with the tedious process of generating their own reports. All the while, both groups may be relying on measures out of line with ABC’s priorities.

The Solution

We took a systematic approach to the issue, addressing:

  1. EBS/Data
  2. Discoverer/Reporting Logic
  3. Portal/UI

The Results

Finally, by setting up proper SSO and hooks from Portal to Discoverer and integrating end-to-end all the way down into the database, users in Portal (regardless of whether they are internal or external users) see only what their user account can see. Additionally, by leveraging the latest Portal 10.1.4 features, we were able to provide ABC with a portal that had a completely customized look-and-feel matching their external website exactly.

Within days, the entire solution was architected, designed, and developed. We were all excited about the quick progress and all of ABC’s expectations were exceeded.

Google Apps SSO and SAML

M&S has taken our years of Identity Management with products from companies like Oracle to integrate with Google’s popular “Google Apps” offering.  By leveraging an existing Identity Management infrastructure, organizations can seamlessly integrate with Google Apps assets like calendar, mail, documents, sites, and more without requiring their users to login, let alone even have any knowledge of Googe Apps usernames/passwords. M&S is comfortable with the SAML protocol that Google relies on and can implement an appropriate handshake with a variety of tools and languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and Perl. Contact us if you are an existing Google Apps Premier … Read More

Discoverer – Public Connections for Oracle Applications with SSO

While using SSO, in order to create a public connection to Oracle Discoverer for Oracle Applications, I suggest creating a service account (user) in EBS and marking that user for LOCAL authentication (instead of SSO). There may not be many reasons to create a public connection in this scenario, but I did come across one recently and it is not well-documented, so I thought I would share. Of course, with Oracle BI Discoverer (non-Oracle-Applications), connections are made by database users and creating a public connection doesn’t require any EBS changes.

Selected for Oracle iSupplier Portal Integrated Solution

Bringing together many components of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite, as well as Oracle Applications (via E-Business Suite), M&S is uniquely positioned to delivery immense value in a short amount of time. M&S is designing and implementing a security, integration, and user presentation architecture with Oracle’s EBS, Discoverer, Portal, and Identity Management.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g beta

I have been involved in the Fusion Middleware 11g beta program as well as participating in other ways as a member of the Advisory Board for Oracle Portal and Oracle SOA Suite. Although I can’t say much at this time since not much has been publicized, I can tell you that there is some exciting new features coming for developers, administrators, and end-users. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g will prove to be a very large release that is both deep and broad, covering major enhancements that really span the entire Fusion Middleware Suite. As more information becomes public (or I am … Read More