One Comment on “Oracle IdM – SAML SSO with Google Apps”

  1. We are a system integrator delivering a partner Oracle ERP system, based on Java, Portal, Forms, Reports and PLSQL, deployed on a Enterprise Edition Application Server, where we use the OID as the Identidity manager and SSO server. In addition we are delivering the Oracle Collaboration Suite including all products. The wholw thing is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service. The Oracle version is 10g version 2.

    We are planning a version 11g based version this year,and want to offer Google Applications as an alternative to the OCS-replacement, the Beehive. Now we are looking at and integration the Google apps from OID, b ut saw you already did this.

    Please contact me for exploring possibilities for synergies, one-off sale, product component (licensed) ….

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