Develop a Better Data Sharing and Integration Strategy

Build a better data integration and sharing strategy

Today’s higher education institutions are facing a multitude of challenges around data analysis, security, and increasingly hybrid architectures. The issue of how to balance ongoing security challenges while connecting cloud and on-premises applications is common across institutions. These challenges may lead many organizations to develop an integration strategy to help in the alignment of these increasingly complex architectures. However, limiting the focus to only integrations can become overly technically focused. Instead of developing an integration strategy, institutions should instead take a holistic approach to data sharing and develop an information strategy.  As information is a valuable asset for organizations and … Read More

Strategy to Create a Usable Multi-function Task List (ADF)

When People Interact with Executable Processes, a key business enabler is the user tools. Not all tasks or activities demand the same type of user interaction. This article describes how to identify different types of tasks to create a a Usable Multi-function Task List