VPN Upgrade Reduces Hospital’s Hassle

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The healthcare division of a Fortune 500 company provides data processing services to its hospital clients. They use an IPsec VPN to transport data between the client and their cloud-hosted web application platform. Security and HIPAA compliance are obviously very important.

Originally, our client used the VPN offered by the cloud service provider, but they were concerned about limitations in traffic visibility and the inability to locally initiate a tunnel. The final straw came when a new hospital client required the use of Internet Key Exchange v2 (IKEv2) protocol.

Our team was able to use an open-source solution to replace the VPN, and we used Infrastructure as Code to consistently deploy and upgrade the VPN with the rest of the application’s infrastructure. Now, all of our client’s hospital customers have a low-maintenance, easily deployable, scalable, and cost-effective solution for VPN.

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