Enabling University Students to Share Experiences From Outside the Classroom

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How do you help students share their experiences

Universities strive to build strong connections with every student and deliver an unparalleled education that combines classroom learning with real-world experiences and self-discovery. Our client, a top 50 liberal arts university, embarked on a project to meet this need with a new hybrid program. Their plan was to use Salesforce to track the many interactions that students had with mentors and faculty, as well as to provide a platform for reflecting on experiences and opportunities that happened outside the classroom.

Efforts prior to our involvement resulted in fundamental challenges, including difficult navigation, limited reporting capabilities, and a lack of alignment with business processes. These challenges halted the use of the tools and limited the foundational growth of this new hybrid program.

After our team conducted a detailed assessment, we provided key tactical and strategic recommendations with a roadmap for overcoming the challenges and putting the application back on the track. Armed with our recommendations and a roadmap, the university pivoted quickly to a new track which ensured the platform met their current and future needs.

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