Building Dapps with Blockchain and Salesforce

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Salesforce is the most popular and widely used CRM solution in the cloud, it has helped numerous companies automate their sales, marketing, and customer service processes to increase efficiency and productivity. Blockchain technology is a revolutionary breakthrough which promises to fill a lot of gaps in security and trust with the current supply chain, customer service, and financial systems space (to name a few). Combining these two technologies together will be a perfect marriage of an incredible end-user facing application which offers numerous options for ease of use across multiple consumption platforms, with a system of records that is impossible to tamper and promises unprecedented democratization of TRUST. This will also help restore the balance in favor of security over ease of use, which has scaringly over the years been tilting towards ease of use.

Ledger of Everything, Blockchain, Salesforce

For enterprises which are constantly involved in B2B and B2C interactions, solutions built over this stack will offer incredible opportunities for building next level of trust and certainty in business exchanges. Think about a solution where all your customers and partners can freely share and act on information without any delays and middleman, for example, a telecommunication company will be able to bring together its clients, media networks, ad agencies and digital creatives together to interact through a single system that is unambiguous and offers consensus protocols for execution of business contracts and SLA’s like never before.

Reality Check, WHY

Businesses today are operating in silos, while the interconnectivity between back office systems and front-end CRM systems has seen a steady surge the real connectivity between real life stakeholders is still a distant dream. Competitive and data capitalization policies have led to rising of systems which work on incomplete, stale and redundant data. Further with the growing cry for customer data privacy is becoming the next big ask with corporations, regulations like GDPR are formed to provide a framework which aims to give control to consumers over their personal data.

The principle of Causality, WHAT

Blockchain offers logical answers to the what side of the equation, simply put Blockchain offers a shared decentralized ledger technology that is impossible to tamper. This very nature allows it build data wikis which are both connected and trusted, while business houses can build a supply chain that is trustworthy and transparent and have the ability to run analytics on data that is complete and alive, customers can enjoy total control and visibility on their personal data and at the same time have an extra piece of mind while engaging in day to day commerce.


Ledger of Everything (LoE) offers an accelerated path for businesses to transform their existing workflows and be future ready. It offers multiple integration paths for building unified workflows with best of Salesforce and Blockchain, all traditional integration routes like middlewares, APIs, and customized solutions are supported.

The solution offers flexibility to build solutions that can work as a stand-alone specialized application or can integrate with your existing business systems like Salesforce or general back office & legacy applications with open architectures.

Industry leaders in all sectors are trying to carve out an adaption journey for their line of businesses, while this is currently perceived as proving phase early adopters will reap in tremendous benefits in form of tangible and sustained growth. Our solutions offer enterprises of all shapes and sizes ability to come up with their very own Blockchain strategy and implement solutions which fit well into their overall corporate strategy.

Talk to us about how we can help you make this a reality. Also, do check out our earlier post dedicated to building TRUST using Blockchain.

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