Virtual Machines for Development – VMWare Player, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox

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I had been using VMWare Server 2 for a few years now. It was free and provided extra features that were not present in VMWare Player. Unfortunately I found out that VMWare Server is no longer going to be supported as of June 2011. I needed to make a decision quickly so I could stand up a Linux CentOS VM to run a memory intensive software stack. For me VMWare Server probably would not have worked anyway because of memory and processor restrictions. I decided to look to 3 different solutions to get me up and running quickly, VMWare Player, … Read More

Flex Builder 3 Download – Where’s the link?

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It is now more difficult to find Flex Builder 3 download. I just got a new laptop and wanted to install Flex Builder 3 because I am still working with projects that are based on it. Searched all over for the official download but had to hit a 3rd party site that referenced the link below. Still works at the time of this post (6/14/10): Adobe is making it difficult to find past versions of Flex Builder as they want you to upgrade to Flash Builder 4. UPDATE (11/13/10): Thank you Steven. A link to the Mac version follows: … Read More