Flex Builder 3 Download – Where’s the link?

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It is now more difficult to find Flex Builder 3 download. I just got a new laptop and wanted to install Flex Builder 3 because I am still working with projects that are based on it. Searched all over for the official download but had to hit a 3rd party site that referenced the link below.

Still works at the time of this post (6/14/10): http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flex/flex_builder/FB3_win.exe

Adobe is making it difficult to find past versions of Flex Builder as they want you to upgrade to Flash Builder 4.

UPDATE (11/13/10):

Thank you Steven. A link to the Mac version follows: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flex/flex_builder/FB3_mac.dmg

36 Comments on “Flex Builder 3 Download – Where’s the link?”

  1. Hey thanks a lot !! Have been lookin all over for this 🙂 My PC may not be able t handle FlashBuilder 4 so I had been lookin for FB 3… Thanks again!

  2. By the way, FB 4 includes both SDK 4 and 3. Therefore if you are looking for FB 3, download FB 4 and point the SDK to 3.5 in eclipse.

  3. thnx a lot.. i had been searching for this link from last 4 days. and was just about to quit my search when i found your post.. i thank u from the bottom of my heart for posting this.. and yes, this link is still working

  4. hey thanks a lot.. Was searching for the link from past 2 days. I dont understand why Adobe does not give support to download older versions. Thanks again

  5. Hi, does anyone knows the Mac plugin version URL ? Or can anyone share where I could download it ? Thanks in advance !

  6. Thanks a lot. This is something Adobe should do as a part
    of supporting a customer base.(Curse them, for they don’t). But you
    have saved a lot of sweat for me! Thanks, again.

  7. Hey Thanks,

    I had been keeping a install file around for the past couple of years on an ftp, and it turns out I had deleted it. This is great.

    Anyone know if there is a link for the Flex Builder 3 plugin for Eclipse at the same site?


  8. Disregard my previous comment folks. The 3.0.2 plugin for eclipse is still available via Adobe. See the following link to an Adobe forum question about it and follow the link in the response. You have to sign in with an Adobe id.


    I hope this helps somebody out.


  9. Thank you. I was in search for this for a client who want to do some code analysis of ours.

    We gave them the code and the Flash Builder 4 link, but he still wants to open it in Flex Builder 3 to see the same way as we do.

    This saved me.

  10. Thanks a lot. I hope the downgrade to FlexBuilder 3 will fix my issue, with the web dynpro stuff.

  11. Thanks. But will I be able to install this on MACOSX 10.7.2 ?
    I’ve downloaded from another site, but when trying to install it I get an error message stating that it’s only compatible with PPC.

    I got a MacBook Pro, early 2011 (Intel Core i7)

    Thanks a lot!

  12. I have a question, hope someone can help me. I’ve got a project developed using Flex Builder 3 for Windows. The app uses some simple PHP files to access a MySQL database.

    Now I want to know if I can use FLASH BUILDER 4.6 to continue building this project, but I don’t want to rewrite all the code, nor change components used.

    Is this possible? Is it enough to change the SDK and use version 3.5 ??


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