Recovering Data from a Crashed NAS in Windows with VirtualBox and Ubuntu

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Home NAS: Having a Network Attached Storage (NAS) is great and convenient, in that all of your data is typically backed up with 2 or more hard drives in a RAID setup in many modern systems. Such was the case with my home Synology Diskstation DS212. The idea is: one of the 2+ drives fails, you buy a new hard drive to replace the bad one, and the data from the good drive(s) automatically copy onto the newly installed blank hard drive, and you’re back up and running again. The Problem: What happens when both drives fail in a 2-drive … Read More

The Power of AutoHotKey

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Having a keyboard with programmable keys and software is becoming more and more normal these days. What was once utilized primarily by gamers and IT individuals, has now grown in popularity. There is no question that these keyboards are nice, but sometimes just not possible to obtain. Well for anyone who wanted programmable hot keys, AutoHotKey is here to the rescue. How it works: AutoHotKey runs in the background, and is connected to a script set up by the user. This script is set by default when you first download the program, and can easily be edited with any text … Read More

Windows 8.1 and the return of the start button

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Windows 8.1 Start Screen

At last, the long awaited Windows 8.1 update is here!¬†Windows users can now get back to using the familiar ‘Start Button’ we are all used to. Before I get into the new features of Windows 8.1 both ascetically and behind the scenes, I’d like to talk about the install time and process. For starters, the install time isn’t exactly speedy, and instead of telling the user what is being updated, Microsoft has chosen to to use phrases like ‘Getting Ready’ , ‘Setting up a Few More Things’, and ‘Taking Care of a few Things’. Once the install is complete, the … Read More