M&S is Now a SUSE Gold Partner – Press Release

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M&S Consulting is proud to announce that we are now a SUSE (and Rancher) Gold Partner! SUSE has been around for more than 28 years and is the world’s largest independent open source company. SUSE provides a range of solutions, including open source products and enterprise support for a range of Linux distributions, cloud solutions, container orchestration (with Rancher), high-performance computing, SAP, storage, and edge computing.  In December of 2020, SUSE completed the acquisition of Rancher Labs, a market leader in Kubernetes management and container orchestration. This acquisition, as well as SUSE’s collaboration with a broad open source community, brings … Read More

Recovering Data from a Crashed NAS in Windows with VirtualBox and Ubuntu

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Home NAS: Having a Network Attached Storage (NAS) is great and convenient, in that all of your data is typically backed up with 2 or more hard drives in a RAID setup in many modern systems. Such was the case with my home Synology Diskstation DS212. The idea is: one of the 2+ drives fails, you buy a new hard drive to replace the bad one, and the data from the good drive(s) automatically copy onto the newly installed blank hard drive, and you’re back up and running again. The Problem: What happens when both drives fail in a 2-drive … Read More

Custom-Built Java vs. Open-Source Portal (like Liferay) – What Should I Do?

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You are not alone. Many organizations are going through the same analysis and process. There are many possible options/variables to consider, but “should I roll-my-own custom site vs. leverage [open-source] products?” is one of the most common questions to answer today when considering a new web project. Following is a quick list of reasons you might want to consider choosing one over the other. Custom-Built Solution Complete Flexibility: Build a relevant solution without any, or many, compromises — whatever compromises you do make will likely be based on time and money as opposed to wrestling the wisdom of someone else’s … Read More

Liferay – Transparency Equals Comfort

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The open source movement has been amazing in the enterprise. We have been working with Liferay for a while now, and find it to be getting better each day. The nice thing is, we can literally see it get better each day with direct access to the source over the web along with detailed commits and much more than ever anticipated we would ever know about our enterprise solutions. I believe that this is an example of transparency that makes the open source environment even more compelling. Not only are these capabilities helping move along the open source environment and … Read More

Liferay IDE Installation and Development on Windows

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My experience is that Liferay 6.x is excellent. It is even better with the addition of Liferay IDE. This guide walks through the following topics related to setting up your local Windows environment for Liferay development using Liferay IDE: Installing Liferay IDE Liferay Plugins SDK Installation and Configuration in Liferay IDE Liferay Portal Configuration in Liferay IDE Developing and Deploying HelloWorld Portlet in Liferay IDE [message_box title=”Free Download” color=”green”] Please complete the following for access to the download. [/message_box] Software and versions used for the screenshots in this tutorial are: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Eclipse Helios 3.6.x Liferay IDE 1.1.x … Read More

Eclipse IDE Names and Versions Through Helios

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Sometimes I am asked about Eclipse versions or see people reference only the name online, assuming their readers know the history/future. Here is a quick cheat sheet on Eclipse IDE versions with names as of today going back to Callisto in June 2006: (Planned) Juno (Version 3.8 and 4.2) – June 2012 Indigo (Version 3.7) – June 2011 Helios (Version 3.6) – June 2010 Galileo (Version 3.5) – June 2009 Ganymede (Version 3.4) – June 2008 Europa (Version 3.3) – June 2007 Callisto (Version 3.2) – June 2006 [box] Given the reputation of large corporations to release enterprise software products … Read More

AddThis – Email Option

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If you have tried using the AddThis button on your web site, you may not have seen an “email” option displayed, even if you had it in your list of sharing methods.  It is important to note that the username is required by the button for email to be enabled. On a separate note, there are better options specifically for email sharing that easily allow for your own branding and high delivery rates, but AddThis does a nice job combining all into an easy to use and implement solution, with a small footprint.