Eclipse IDE Names and Versions Through Helios

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Sometimes I am asked about Eclipse versions or see people reference only the name online, assuming their readers know the history/future. Here is a quick cheat sheet on Eclipse IDE versions with names as of today going back to Callisto in June 2006:

  • (Planned) Juno (Version 3.8 and 4.2) – June 2012
  • Indigo (Version 3.7) – June 2011
  • Helios (Version 3.6) – June 2010
  • Galileo (Version 3.5) – June 2009
  • Ganymede (Version 3.4) – June 2008
  • Europa (Version 3.3) – June 2007
  • Callisto (Version 3.2) – June 2006
[box] Given the reputation of large corporations to release enterprise software products on random schedules and change naming conventions as fast as this act changes clothes, it is impressive how consistent and logical Eclipse releases have been.

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