Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Adding A New Host

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At times, you may find yourself with multiple host machines that are the home to a number of environments. You could have one host that is strictly used as a Fusion Middleware environment, while another host is used for your database instance. When using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, you need to add the host machines that store databases or extra Middleware products that are not present on the OEM host. The following steps will guide you through the process of adding a host to your OEM setup.


Before we begin, you will need to make the following changes on the target host machine:

  1. Add the hostname of the machine which is running the OEM CC instance:


  2. Since this process requires root access to complete, make sure the user you use to complete this task is on the sudoers file:


Adding a new host

  1. Login to your instance of OEM CC.
  2. Once logged in, head to the upper right hand corner and go to the following:



  4. On the newly loaded page, select the “Add Host Targets” bullet, then select the “Add Host…” button.
  5. Select Add, enter the IP address and Platform type for the target host, then select “Next”:
  6. Enter the Installation Details in the required fields. You must select a location for the Installation Base Directory. This process will use that location to install a new agent which will communication with your instance of OEM CC. You will also be asked to provide a Named Credential, which is user that is used to access the target host.
  7. Hit “Next” then “Deploy Agent” on the next screen. The process will begin installing an agent on the target host. If you followed these steps correctly, the new host will register successfully. You can now use OEM CC to monitor any products that were installed on that host.

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