Does the SYS user really become inaccessible in Oracle Database running on Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

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Is the inaccessibility of the SYS user on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Oracle only on Relational Database Service (RDS) implementations?

I had heard from a fellow DBA colleague that a known problem with Oracle Databases on AWS was that, in certain cases, the SYS user was not available to the DBA. Curious (and slightly alarmed), I did a little research online and discovered more than a few forum posts asking what to do about the apparent inability to execute common DBA tasks as SYS running Oracle Database on AWS. DBAs who were accustomed to being able to run DBMS_CRYPTO or install APEX from the command line were¬†wondering how to get their work done in the cloud. In response, AWS had … Read More

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Adding A New Host

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At times, you may find yourself with multiple host machines that are the home to a number of environments. You could have one host that is strictly used as a Fusion Middleware environment, while another host is used for your database instance. When using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, you need to add the host machines that store databases or extra Middleware products that are not present on the OEM host. The following steps will guide you through the process of adding a host to your OEM setup. Prerequisites Before we begin, you will need to make the following … Read More