Oracle BPEL Email Notification – Remove Attachment

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If you have used the email notification activity in Oracle BPEL (up through the latest version at the time of this writing,, you might have found that you always get an attachment for your email body, even if you don’t want one.  There is a solution:

Once in the scope of the email notification activity, look for a copy block like the following.  It typically contains ‘NotificationAttachment1.html’:

<from expression=”string(’NotificationAttachment1.html’)/>
<to variable=”varNotificationReq” part=”EmailPayload”

You should remove this completely and voila – you’re email with show up in the body of the email. 

Note: you should still pick multipart message with 1 attachment (just unintuitive UI in JDeveloper for this).  So, if you pick 2 attachments, you will actually get 1 attachment.