Oracle BAM Sucks, For Now

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Our team has been working with BAM since Oracle took it on (we rolled out BAM reports in 2007).  The product is certainly “interesting” and has some cool auto-refresh capabilities that make for a nice demo to executives.  However, there are a few pieces to the overall reporting puzzle that, well, leave me a little puzzled…

  • No ability to write reports that query an RDBMS or even the BAM data objects — I hope you like simple query logic.
  • No ability to manipulate data in the BAM data objects: I just want to run an update statement people.
  • Filters that work in the normal browser window do not work when the report is placed in an IFRAME (which is their recommended approach for putting reports on another web site).
  • Only support for IE: c’mon, the days of enterprise software only supporting IE are over.
  • No documented calculation for INSTR: hmm…if you can’t use SQL, and you there is no [documented] way to implement an INSTR, I have a hard time saying this is ready for primetime.

Note: I hope I am wrong about a few of the above statements, but this is my current understanding based on what my consultants and developers have explained (and based on my cursory look over documentation and fiddling with BAM’s reports/data objects).  I’ll be happy to edit the post if someone can prove otherwise.

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