Move Oracle Linux VM to New Machine – Static IP

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I just copied an Oracle Enterprise Linux VM from one Windows machine to another and the IP address for the guest Linux machine changed. I had a feeling that this might happen, but wasn’t quite sure why it did nor how to get it back to the old IP address. As we all know, an IP address changing in an Oracle environment is best avoided.

Note: This was just trial use on my own machines, so I was just using the free WMWare Player.

After searching online, I was able to find an article from VMWare that lead to my solution, though it wasn’t the quickest to find so I thought I would share:

Change Network Settings for VMWare Player on Windows

By following the steps in the document, and limiting my available IP addresses, I was able to get the environment up and running properly on a new machine, with the same IP address as before. I hope this helps.

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