Fixing “VDP: No clients were found for group” Error in VMware Data Protection Advanced

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This is the solution for the vCenter Server Event Viewer error “VDP: No clients were found for group: <Job Name>  They either do not exist, or are inaccessible”. If, after configuring the VMware Data Protection VM, and creating a backup job, you receive the above error, you must register within the VDP appliance configuration any hosts holding VMs you are attempting to backup. Go to the configuration tab of the VDP appliance from which the failed backup job was run. Select the license key you added during the initial VDP configuration, click the grey cog icon then select “Edit license … Read More

Installing ESXi with BCM57781 Driver Fix

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VMWare’s ESXi is a freely available type 1 (bare metal) hypervisor, here we will step through installing ESXi version 5.1. Before Installing The target machine needs a x86 64-bit CPU with at least two cores and a large amount of RAM. VMWare requires 2GB and suggests at least 8GB to take advantage of all features of ESXi, but most applications of virtual machine hosts will need much more than this. Our target machine has 32GB RAM. If your target machine supports booting from USB, then load the ISO onto a thumb drive at least 1GB in size and install at … Read More

Virtual Machines for Development – VMWare Player, VMWare ESXi, VMWare Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox

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I had been using VMWare Server 2 for a few years now. It was free and provided extra features that were not present in VMWare Player. Unfortunately I found out that VMWare Server is no longer going to be supported as of June 2011. I needed to make a decision quickly so I could stand up a Linux CentOS VM to run a memory intensive software stack. For me VMWare Server probably would not have worked anyway because of memory and processor restrictions. I decided to look to 3 different solutions to get me up and running quickly, VMWare Player, … Read More Integration with SOA 11g

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As a follow up to our highly successful White Paper on Integration with SOA 10g, we have released a new version using SOA 11g: Integration with SOA 11g This is included as part of a resource kit offered by Oracle Corp. After registering for the resource kit, you will see a link to the white paper as seen in the below screenshot: Enjoy!

BPM 11g Integrated with WebCenter Spaces (Process Spaces)

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Our Fusion Middleware expertise allows us to bring it all together. Do you want to follow business processes and ensure transparency to your organization? M&S Consulting has implemented a next generation process portal built on Oracle BPM/SOA, Identity Management, WebCenter, and innovating solutions built by M&S from the ground up. Underlying technologies include WebLogic and ADF.

ORA-00845 on Oracle 11g DB in a Virtual Machine (OVM)

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If you run across this error when trying to start a database instance within a virtual machine, chances are that you may have reduced the allocated RAM to the VM. This is due to the automatic memory management module of Oracle DB 11g. One solution is the increase your memory allocation back. ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system Problem Description While creating a startup database using dbca the database creation GUI gives error message in a pop up window, ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system from where you can ignore the error message. The similar scenario also occur … Read More

Single or Multiple RDP Sessions – Remote Desktop – Vista Example

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Connecting to my machine at home, I wanted to ensure I logged into the same session each time. If I was working at home, but later wanted to log in remotely from a different location to pick up where I left off, I couldn’t do that so easily since the default was creating a new session for my user. Just [carefully] pop into the registry to change the default to a single session per user. Screenshot below:

Virtualization – M&S Consulting

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At M&S, we are going virtual all the way. We have delivered a number of virtualized environments for customers. Some have been for Oracle Middleware solutions, some for complete Microsoft domains. Some for open source system. And many for development instances. We have tinkered with going totally virtual for own infrastructure over the years, but decided to avoid biting the bullet for a number of reasons: migration time/effort has typically been at the top of the list. But with the improvements in virtualization technology, advantages proven now over years, apparent “stickiness” of the leading players, our own maturity in this … Read More