BPMN 2.0 vs BPEL (Oracle BPM VS SOA Suite)

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This post covers Oracle Open World Insights, followed by a BPEL/BPMN comparison, and design discussion. This is an interesting topic to me, since very little has been published and the product direction was clearly shown at OOW. I have also seen the difficulties of BPMN round tripping, which leads me to believe BPMN 2.0 is going to be great for functional process models, but will enforce a rigid process architecture on the technical model, leaving developers with a process architecture that is difficult to work with.

OSB vs. OESB – Making sense of OSB, Mediators, OESB, and BEA AquaLogic Service Bus

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This post describes how Oracle transformed Oracle ESB and BEA AquaLogic Service Bus products into the 11g SCA Architecture that includes OSB and Mediators. Comparing Oracle ESB 10g and AquaLogic Service Bus. How did Oracle Port products into the 11g SCA Paradigm? The 11G Offering, Mediators and OSB. Which To Use? Oracle’s grande vision of Fusion.

6 Tips to Prioritize People in a Collaboration Portal (WebCenter)

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When people interact with executable processes, collaboration portals need to be built to accomodate their roles and working style. The list below shows guidelines to focus a collaboration portal around usability, relavance, and personalization, while giving mechanisms for the user to understand the bigger picture, deploy collaboration tools, and prevent overloaded work queues.

Oracle BPEL Sensors for Real Time Event Publishing from Business Processes – A Design Perspective

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This article is a look at Oracle’s BPEL Sensor approach to publishing real time data and events for in flight BPEL Processes.

Oracle BPEL has tried to fill a gap in the BPEL Spec using sensors. Specifically, sensors allow users to overlay listeners on BPEL tasks and process variables that will generate events out of a process that is being executed. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and does a good job of staying true to the BPEL specification. This document will define what sensors are, how they should be designed into BPEL Processes, and a future outlook of event models.

Oracle BPA -> BPEL Manual Configuration Items

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Oracle BPA does a great job importing into BPEL, but here are a few items that need to be manually configured. Here is just a quick note on my findings to date: Process Payloads need to be copied, Assigns to set up parameters Import from BPA to JDeveloper tool, the build.xml and build properties are often missing and need to be copied from other projects Human Tasks need to have forms assigned Embedded Java tasks cannot be round-tripped back into BPA, so they shouldn’t be used