What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

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What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?

This post is the answer by a Partner at M&S, Ashok Aggarwal, to a question posted on Quora.com. It answers some of the questions that we commonly hear, so we thought we would post it here as well. We hope it helps. I have been working with Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM), and the offerings from Oracle within OFM since before Oracle branded it all Oracle Fusion Middleware (which was indeed before both the Sun and BEA acquisitions). And I anticipate I will continue to work with it all even after the name has changed. (I already often drop the word … Read More

Presidential State of the Union Sentiment Analysis

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State of the Union Speech Analysis 2015 Barak Obama

Sentiment analysis is a hot technology in marketing. This analysis parses comments and feedback left on corporate and social media sites and attempts to discern the tone or attitude expressed by the commenter. For example, reviews and comments about a company’s product such as “I love these shoes” represent a strong positive statement about how the customer feels about that product. The challenge is that the comments are just free-form text in English which computers traditionally had a hard time deciphering. M&S Big Data thought it would be interesting to apply this sentiment analysis to our Presidents. As a start … Read More

M&S Sponsors 2014 PittOAUG Golf Outing

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Pitt OAUG Golf Outing 2014

M&S is excited to be the Principle Sponsor for the Pittsburgh OAUG Annual Golf Outing. We hope you’ll join us for a fun morning of Golf, Food, and Prizes on August 15th. We play a Par Quota Scramble held at Buffalo Golf Course,  where you can enjoy “one of the best golfing experiences in the Pittsburgh area.” There will be a 9am shotgun start, so please join us early on the course at 8am. The cost is $40 per person or $160 per foursome. For registration information visit the PittOAUG website and download the flyer today. We hope to see you out there!

Yes, We Have World Cup Fever Too

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World Cup Fever

It seems like everywhere you go these days, there is someone talking about the FIFA World Cup. Here at M&S it’s no different. Whether we’re discussing the way Spain went out in the 1st round or how heartbreaking it was to tie Portugal (which is weird to see typed out because before the tournament that would have been a great result), we’ve got a fever and the only cure is more soccer/fútbol/footbal/whatever you call it. There are so many fantastic story lines at both the personal and national level that it seems hard to not get sucked in by it … Read More

Installing ESXi with BCM57781 Driver Fix

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VMWare’s ESXi is a freely available type 1 (bare metal) hypervisor, here we will step through installing ESXi version 5.1. Before Installing The target machine needs a x86 64-bit CPU with at least two cores and a large amount of RAM. VMWare requires 2GB and suggests at least 8GB to take advantage of all features of ESXi, but most applications of virtual machine hosts will need much more than this. Our target machine has 32GB RAM. If your target machine supports booting from USB, then load the ISO onto a thumb drive at least 1GB in size and install at … Read More

Disorienting Data Visualizations

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Visualizing data has always been valuable, but in the ever growing world of “big data”, it is necessary for visualizations to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. Today, it is common to see visualizations that — though they “look good from a distance” — are entirely too complicated and leave the audience confused once they actually begin trying understand the information presented.

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