Amazon EC2 Server Pricing Matrix (Linux and Windows)

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As if cloud computing is not abstract enough…I just wanted a simple way of figuring out approximately how much Amazon EC2 Servers were going to cost compared to the normal ways we review server and lease options. So, here is a a quick table you can multi-sort and filter that should provide you a format you can actually use to make some decisions, without having to pull out a calculator nearly as much as I did. Enjoy!

How do I multi-sort and filter?
Hold SHIFT while clicking column headers to sort by multiple columns as well as toggle ascending vs descending. We have defaulted an initial filter with “small month” for you. Feel free to delete that text to see all the values you can filter on (i.e. Small/Large/Extra Large, onDemand/Reserved, Day/Week/Month/Year, etc.).

 Traditional ERPBest of BreedERP of the Future
StrategySingle VendorBest solution for functionCentral core with specialized add-ons
ArchitectureMonolithicFramentedCentralized and integrated
IntegrationSiloedComplexLoosely coupled and federated
GovernanceControlledFragmentedBusiness change based

Note: Windows instances is not offered in a Reserved service at the time of this writing.

Disclaimer: This is pricing available as of 6/1/09. We provide our estimated hourly cost based on a server running 24×7 and do not take into account your bandwidth or any other additional charges like Elastic IP’s, extra storage, etc. Of course, we cannot advertise these prices are what you will actually get from Amazon, but feel free to post questions and we will endeavor to update with any changes.

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