Using a Dashboard Prompt to Switch Between Analyses in OBIEE 11g

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When creating a dashboard to show off your analyses, you will generally make a new dashboard page per analysis. But what if those analyses were similar and could share the same prompt? What if I told you we could use a prompt to switch between those analyses while using other prompts to filter the information simultaneously.

Well this is certainly a possibility, below I will create a prompt that will switch between two analyses that have been pre-built for this exercise. In my examples I will be using a modified version of the HR Schema where I have added alias and fact tables. The original HR Schema can be found in the Oracle APEX EX Database.

Step 1: Building the prompt

1) Create a new prompt


2) Add a new Variable Prompt


3) Decide what you are prompting within the New Prompt window, you should also give it a label


varSwitch is our variable. We will need this to set up the filters within our analyses.

4) Change user input to ‘Radio Buttons’ with custom values


5) Add ‘Analysis One’ and ‘Analysis Two’ by hitting the green icon In Step5 to your custom values list


6) Hit OK. You should now see your prompt within the Display pane at the bottom of the screen


Step Two – Setting up your Analysis

1) Create a dummy field. We will be using this to link our variable varSwitch to our analysis. In this field, we need to create a simple CASE statement that will check to see if one of our custom values has been chosen in the prompt

The formula for the case statement is the following:

CASE ‘@{variableName}’ WHEN ‘Analysis One’ THEN ‘1’ ELSE ‘0’ END.

2) Once the dummy field is set up, create a filter on that column. Set the operator to ‘is not equal to/is not in’, then set the value to zero


3) Do these steps for at least one more Analysis, except change ‘Analysis One’ to ‘Analysis Two’. This way when we select those buttons on the prompt, they will both correspond to one Analysis

Step Three – Testing the Prompt in a Dashboard

1) Just create a simple dashboard, it just needs to be able to hold one prompt and two Analysis

  • Once you have everything plugged in, run your dashboard. Both of your analyses should fail



2) Select ‘Analysis One’. One Analysis should run, while the other continues to error. This is supposed to happen. If you select ‘Analysis Two’, the error will go away but should appear on the first analysis now

3) If everything is now set up, you should now have the basic switch functionality all set up


2 Comments on “Using a Dashboard Prompt to Switch Between Analyses in OBIEE 11g”

  1. Thanks for the solution but how to do 3 setup.
    “*Run Analysis *Yes”

    Kindly provide the details.


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