Google Apps SSO and SAML

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M&S has taken our years of Identity Management with products from companies like Oracle to integrate with Google’s popular “Google Apps” offering.  By leveraging an existing Identity Management infrastructure, organizations can seamlessly integrate with Google Apps assets like calendar, mail, documents, sites, and more without requiring their users to login, let alone even have any knowledge of Googe Apps usernames/passwords. M&S is comfortable with the SAML protocol that Google relies on and can implement an appropriate handshake with a variety of tools and languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and Perl. Contact us if you are an existing Google Apps Premier … Read More

MedPivot Launched – Medical Jobs, Careers, and Resources with Web 2.0

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M&S Consulting is excited to announce that we have launched, a resource for Medical Jobs, Careers, and Resources.  The site serves as a complete Medical Business and Career Exchange, providing members will the ability to collaborate through forums/blogs, post jobs, apply to jobs, find companies, find recruiters, locate conferences, and access valuable medical news and journals. We will be providing more information (including technical information on this Web 2.0 site) in a case study, so be sure to visit or subscribe to our newsletter to be automatically notified.

Consolidate Blogs

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Over the years, M&S Consulting has acquired quite a bit of web real estate.  We have shared information through our own web sites, partner web presence, industry trade journals, magazines, and more.  This recently released web site will serve as a single source for M&S Consulting information and knowledge sharing for our visitors.  Subscribe to our blog (through RSS or email) and our email newsletter to stay up-to-date.  Information from the years will be included here and we will be writing new information often.

Healthcare Six Sigma Methodology Implementation

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M&S Consulting was selected to apply the Six Sigma methodology to process improvement and defect reduction in the healthcare industry. The client is part of a large healthcare system and brought M&S Consulting on board to help in their goal of making the Radiology Department a Center of Excellence.

Performance Evaluations Are In

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M&S Consulting recently participated in an independent performance review. The survey was created, administered, and scored by an independent third party called Open Ratings, on behalf of the federal government. We are pleased to report an overall score of 96 out of 100 possible points. We received 100% satisfaction ratings with regard to our business relations, personnel, and customer support facets. As a service provider committed to customer success, M&S is tremendously delighted that our customers feel that we are meeting and exceeding their expectations.