Google Apps SSO and SAML

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M&S has taken our years of Identity Management with products from companies like Oracle to integrate with Google’s popular “Google Apps” offering.  By leveraging an existing Identity Management infrastructure, organizations can seamlessly integrate with Google Apps assets like calendar, mail, documents, sites, and more without requiring their users to login, let alone even have any knowledge of Googe Apps usernames/passwords.

M&S is comfortable with the SAML protocol that Google relies on and can implement an appropriate handshake with a variety of tools and languages, including Java, .NET, PHP, and Perl.

Contact us if you are an existing Google Apps Premier or Education Edition customer that wants to leverage Single Sing-On (SSO).

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  1. We’re an insurance company in Hong Kong with over 2500 insurance agents. We’ve purchase Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite solution for all our agents. Meanwhile, we are using ODSEE and OVD as our agent LDAP repository. By the end of 2010, we’ll deployed Google Apps Premier edition through partners.

    Next year, we plan to integrate SAML SSO Service for Google Apps with Oracle Identity Federation to unify user id and password management. We would like to implement Oracle Identity Manager for user account management automation as well. I would be grateful if you could share your experience on Google Apps SSO and SAML with Oracle IdM solution with me. Thank you.

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