ASP.NET HyperLink in GridView using HyperLinkField, SqlDataSource, BoundField, TemplateField, and HyperLink

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I am amazed how difficult it was to find simple examples of exposing a hyperlink in an gridview control. I tried some obvious things that didn’t work at first, but I got four different approaches working that I thought I would share for others that run into this [I would assume] common need. In my case, I wanted to hyperlink to an external site based, passing in the external url along with an ID passed in as a URL parameter. For example: Construct URL Inside SQL This is old code that had the SQL query inside a SqlDataSource … Read More

SQL Server Management Studio Shortcut Keys

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Here are quick shortcut keys I use when using SQL Sever Management Studio’s query editor (I happen to be on version 2008 R2). Comment selection: CTRL-K, C (while holding CTRL) Uncomment selection: CTRL-K, U (while holding CTRL) New Query Editor Window: CTRL-N Find: CTRL-F (F3 for next occurrence, SHIFT-F3 for previous occurrence) Replace: CTRL-H Word completion: ALT+RIGHT ARROW List members: CTRL-SPACE Next Editor Window: CTRL-TAB (previous CTRL-SHIFT-TAB) —- this works like Textpad These are some of my favorites out of the full list of SQL Server Management Studio shortcuts published by Microsoft. More to come in an update, but wanted … Read More