Resetting Oracle APEX Admin Password – Video Walkthrough Tutorial

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Oracle recommends that the password for the APEX administrator be changed on new installations, or on migrations from runtime to developers mode. They state that in an upgrade scenario the existing password is preserved. That being said, there are times you need to change the password outside of these situations, and the process is fairly simple.

UPDATE: We now have a video walkthrough of this process below. The full text walkthrough and screenshots are below it.


You will need to be able to logon as SYS with SYSDBA rights in order to do this.

For all installations perform the following first:

  1. Change to the working directory into which the APEX system was extracted to when it was installed. In our screenshot the apex files were extracted to d:\apex
    Working Directory Screenshot

    Working Directory Screenshot

  2. Start the SQL/PLUS and connect to the database that APEX is installed against as SYS with the SYSDBA role.
    Screenshot for SQL PLUS login

    Screenshot for SQL PLUS login

  3. run the apxxepwd.sql or apxchpwd.sql script. This varies depending on version. Below are screenshots for versions 3.0.1  and version 3.2


    Screenshot for APEX version 3.0.1

    Screenshot for APEX version 3.0.1

    Screenshot for APEX version 3.2

    Screenshot for APEX version 3.2

This will prompt you for a new ADMIN account password.

After this, the ADMIN account password will be changed. The first time the ADMIN logs on after this, they will be required to reset the password.

8 Comments on “Resetting Oracle APEX Admin Password – Video Walkthrough Tutorial”

  1. I am learning a lot from your tutorials. Can you do a tutorial “allowing end users to change their own passwords”?

    Thank you.

  2. Gracias… sus videos me han salvado varias veces.

    Thanks … your videos have saved me several times.

  3. Iman and Julian,

    Glad to hear these have been of help.


    We’ll talk about it internally and determine what video might make sense for your request if any. You can always contact us to engage us for specific functionality you want to build at reasonable rates as well.

  4. Hi,

    I am using apex applications from last one year and its working fine. But i am unable to login as admin(Invalid Login Credentials) after changing apex admin password usning apxxechpwd.sql. I think admins user locked. So kindly let me know how unlcok admin user. (This required to delete workspaces)

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