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I just downloaded and installed Office 2016 Preview from our Office 365 tenant — nothing new with how you download and install 2016, but I still remember the days of getting Office media on CDs, so I always appreciate how easy it is now with O365 – and I like it. One of the things I noticed I haven’t used before was posting a blog post directly from Word. I don’t use this feature (though it has existed for many years in Word), so I thought I would give it a whirl. Unsurprisingly, this post was written in Word 2016 Preview. One thing I was curious about was how easily it would work with screenshots. There still isn’t a great way to manage screenshots easily in CMS’s like WordPress. In Word, it is a simple copy and paste, so I’ve always liked that.

Start with creating a new Word Document – in this case, a “Blog post”.

Posting Form 01

Posting Form 02

If you haven’t already got one setup, you will be asked to Register a Blog Account. “Register Now”.

Posting Form 03

Pick your blog type. In this case, I picked “WordPress”.

Posting Form 04

Populate your blog URL and credentials. You can also optionally choose if you want Word to remember the password.

Posting Form 05

Take heed to the warning. If you aren’t using SSL, multi-factor authentication, or some other mechanisms to protect your credentials, they will be sent clear text.

Posting Form 06

You’re all set.

Posting Form 07

You can begin typing a blog title and body content. Once done. You can simply click Publish in the top left. Note the message that the blog post has been published!

Posting Form 08


Update: After publishing, there are some considerations. There is no ability to add a featured image (that I saw). Also, images don’t open to links by default. Still worth it in my opinion as it gets people uninitiated with WordPress into the blogging game with less of a learning curve (and less fear!).

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