The Sales Reports You Want vs The Sales Reports You Get (video)

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Leadership at a large media and entertainment company with over 2,500 sales-focused users was receiving standard sales reports through Salesforce. Managers could not easily view data for each user in the same format as the rolled-up reports, and individual users could not see their own data the way their manager could. This meant that there was a constant disconnect between how leadership managed the business and how individual contributors tracked their own results. The popular business intelligence tools oversimplify the data or create basic dashboards, which did not meet the client’s needs.

Working closely with our client, we developed a tool that takes the relevant sales data from all team members and rolls it up into hierarchical reports. Each management level sees the rolled-up report but can easily drill down into groups or individuals to see that data presented in the same way. Users can also see their own data in the same way management views it.

Our client’s leadership considers this the holy grail of sales reporting. They are now able to rapidly make important decisions that they were unable to make before.

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