Oracle Portal 10.1.4 or Upgrade to – Features and Bug Fixes

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You may have applied or are considering applying the Oracle Application Server patch for a variety of reasons.

As a result, if you are running Oracle Portal 10.1.4 or, your Portal will be upgraded to

Portal New Features

There isn’t much to be found in terms of documented new features for Portal, but I understand the following to be new to this release:

  • Portal Repository JSR-170 adapter
  • You can now copy pages across page groups
    In Navigator:
    Notice all the page groups listed when copying the page:
  • New HTML DOCTYPE specification
    In Administer > Global Settings:

Portal Bug Fixes

Of the many bug fixes documented for Oracle AS and Portal, following are just a few that you might be pleased about:

  • When omniportlet layout is defined with (a) display as Button (b) action type hyperlink (c) open hyperlink in new window, then onclick was still opening the link in the same browser window.
  • Customize/Personalize links on a portlet were accessible even after the Global Inactivity Timeout has occurred.
  • When a WSRP portlet tried to upload content of size > 64k as multipart request, then an error was displayed saying > 64K is being uploaded.
  • Allow pages with multi-language page groups to be visible via webdav.
  • The text items which had a large number of html tags and whose size was less than 30K were not editable and the following error was seen while editing the m: Internal error (WWC-00006)The action cannot be completed because the value entered for the TEXT attribute is too large.(WWS-30584)
  • When group memberships are modified in OID, the FLAT$ table in Portal was not updated until the user logs off and logs in again.
  • File Items referenced by a durable link are not cached.
  • When using login portlet and if username contains multibyte characters, then login was failing with error Authentication Failed.
  • During the Approval process, when the file was uploaded with a different name than the initial one uploaded, the Item Link link was pointing to the old version of the item on the Approval Notification Details screen.
  • Issue with content of some plsql items coming always from cache has been fixed.
  • All old-style URLs may now be redirected directly to the new URL without going via the splash screen.

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  1. Thanks for the recap on this. Its a pain trying to find out what comes with a particular patch. If I search Metalink on “portal release note” I get a bunch of diagnostic bulletins!

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