Oracle on Amazon EC2 Cloud – APEX, Apps, Middleware, and DB Virtualized Hosting

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At M&S, we have been working with virtualization technologies, implementing VMWare, Xen, MS Virtual Server, and OracleVM for organizations with a variety of technology stacks including Oracle, Microsoft, and/or Open Source environments.

The economy is evolving, technology is getting better, and overall, the game is changing with cloud computing. M&S is now a reseller for the Amazon EC2 Cloud, providing customers with access and expertise to make their enterprises run on “the cloud”. To host an enterprise environment, let alone Oracle, simply does not appear cost effective in the long run. In fact, I am open to healthy discussion contending that statement.

Many implementations run into bottlenecks during their hardware procurement process. And if not there, during the initial installation and configuration process. M&S has addressed much of this with our virtualized environments, but we are taking it all a few steps further with Amazon EC2. Call us to find out more.

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