Oracle EBS Query-by-Example – Query like a Pro

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Knowing all of the options when querying in forms will help take users beyond average and toward ‘power user’ status.

Master the use of query wildcards, and query operators as described below.

Query Basics

Query-by-Example is a simple three step process:

  1. While in a form, switch to query mode by selecting <F11> from the keyboard
  2. enter the criteria for the query
  3. execute the query by selecting <ctrl><F11> simultaneously from the keyboard


While performing step 2 (enter the criteria), with either wildcards or operators as shown in the tables below.

Query Wildcards

table 1

Query Operators

table 2

In the examples below, the query criteria uses both a wildcard and an operator.

Example 1

query criteria 1

query results 1

Example 2

query criteria 2

query results 2

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