Is Oracle’s Vision Corp Guilty of Gender Inequality? An OBIEE Analysis to Investigate Reports

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Allegations of Vision Corporation’s activity in gender salary discrimination is something that Oracle’s Vision Corp takes very seriously and have been generous enough to open up all of their information for independent analysis by the public.

We will begin an investigation of their full time employee’s salary information to see if the allegations of gender salary discrimination are prevalent in this corporation. We will be using OBIEE to investigate.

The first thing we will look at is a generated table and pie chart that calculates the number of employees by their gender.


We can see that there is a 48% / 52% split of current employees by gender at Vision Corp which would mean that we should expect to a similar split in the salaries between these employees.

To dive into this a little bit more we calculated the average salary and the average difference in salaries between the genders.


As you can see that the difference in the salaries by gender are different by an extremely large margin and we believe that there is in fact salary discrimination occurring at Vision Corp. With this initial analysis of the data we can see that Vision Corp may be guilty of salary inequality.

Side note: to calculate the average difference in salary we used the following

(CASE WHEN “Fact – Person Info”.”People Sex”=’F’ THEN (sum(CASE WHEN “Fact – Person Info”.”People Sex”=’F’ THEN “Fact – Salary”.”Salary”/COUNT(DISTINCT “Fact – Person Info”.”People Person Id”) ELSE NULL END) – SUM(CASE WHEN “Fact – Person Info”.”People Sex”=’M’ THEN “Fact – Salary”.”Salary”/COUNT(DISTINCT “Fact – Person Info”.”People Person Id”) ELSE NULL END)) ELSE NULL END)

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